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2 October 2024.

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Low-Budget Filmmaking Award


director: Den Hook


Achievement Award


Achievement Award

Social Impact

Filmmaking Award


director: Simão Cayatte


director: Frank J. Avella


The Moonlight International Film Fest is an online festival dedicated to recognizing the creative works of emerging filmmakers, scriptwriters, and digital media artists. By operating exclusively online, the festival removes geographical and financial barriers, offering a platform that is accessible to a global audience and speeding up the process from production to recognition. Its awards and nominations are accredited by IMDb, providing participants with valuable recognition that can significantly boost their careers in the film industry.

This setup not only helps in career advancement by enhancing resumes and increasing visibility but also serves as a promotional tool; this unique combination of accessibility, recognition, and the potential for rapid professional growth makes the Moonlight International Film Fest a compelling opportunity for creators looking to make a mark in the world of cinema.



Innovation in Use of Medium


For films and narrative-driven digital media, how well the story is constructed and delivered is crucial. This involves pacing, clarity, engagement, and the emotional impact of the storytelling.



The uniqueness of the concept and the originality of the approach are critical. Judges would assess how the work stands out in terms of narrative, style, or presentation compared to traditional or mainstream formats.

Cultural and Social Relevance

Especially relevant for digital media works, this criterion evaluates how the medium, whether it's video, animation, or mixed media, is used in innovative ways to enhance the storytelling or thematic expression.

The extent to which the work addresses contemporary issues or connects with cultural, social, or emotional aspects relevant to a diverse audience.

Technical Excellence

This includes cinematography, editing, sound design, and the overall production quality. For digital media like fashion films and music videos, aspects such as choreography, visual effects, and integration of multimedia elements are also considered.


Rules to enter the Moonlight International Film Fest:

Our guidelines are straightforward and crafted to ensure a fair and smooth process for all participants. Upon entering your work for consideration at Moonlight, you agree to the following terms and conditions...


1. Copyright: You certify that your work is ready for festival exhibition (all music, fonts, visuals, etc. are cleared worldwide, in perpetuity, multi-platform), and that the intellectual property is yours. If you are acting as a distributor, you affirm you've secured permission from the copyright owner.

2. Use of Stills / Clip Fragments: You allow us to use stills and short clips from your film on the festival's digital platforms, including our website and social media channels, exclusively for promotional, non-commercial, and educational purposes.

3. Downloading: You grant permission to the festival director to download your film(s) to assist with offline viewing and to fulfill festival's programming needs.

4. Streaming: You permit us to showcase your film online with appropriate encryption and password-protection.

5. IMDb: Moonlight's team can update your awards/nominations on your IMDb pages, but will not initiate creation of film pages if they aren't existing.

6. Code of Conduct: You pledge to maintain respect and courtesy toward all involved.

7. Feedback: While we don't provide feedback on every submission, we do offer a critical review option.

8. No Refunds / Sportsmanship: No refunds will be provided based on dissatisfaction with final festival decisions.

9. One-Time Fee for All Categories: A singular fee ensures your film is evaluated across all festival categories for potential awards/nominations.

10. Accepted Submission Types: We accept a broad spectrum of submission formats.

11. Submission Permissions: Filmmaker teams can enter multiple projects in the same festival round.

12. Submission Restrictions: Once a film has been submitted to a particular edition, it cannot be re-submitted in subsequent ones.

13. Film Reviews: To request a film review, your film must have been submitted to the competition.

14. Official Selection: A submission does not automatically grant "Official Selection" status.

15. Mailing List: By submitting to Moonlight, you automatically join our newsletter.


Best Picture

Best Feature Film

Best Film (Medium-Length)

Best Short Film

Best Micro-Short Film

Best Student Film

Best Experimental Film

Best Queer

Best Directing

Best Emerging Director

Best Directorial Debut

Best Original Screenplay

Best Cinematography

Best Lead Actor

Best Lead Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Ensemble Cast

Best Editing & Sound Design

Best Visual Effects

Best Original Score

Best Production Design

Best Costume Design

Best Makeup & Practical Effects

Best Drama

Best Comedy or Musical

Best Action Drama

Best Sci-Fi or Fantasy Film

Best Horror

Best Thriller

Best Animation

Best Feature Documentary

Best Short Documentary

Best Documentary Director

Best Documentary Filmmaking

Best Nature Documentary

Best Episodic Series or New Media

Best Fashion Film

Best Ad Film

Best Podcast

Best Music Video

Best Original Song

Best Music Video Production

Best Music Video Artist Performance

Best Feature Screenplay

Best Short Screenplay

Best TV Script

Best Emerging Screenwriter


Submissions to Moonlight remain open

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All submissions are made exclusively via our submission ​form below, email us at info@moonlightfilmfest.com if ​you’d like to request a discounted submission.

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